August 11, 2019

The Morning Sun

The student run business, Ignite Donuts, will be sold on the Central Michigan University campus in the coming fall year.

Ignite Donuts was created by Casey Croad with the help Chris Eakin two years ago. It started as a donuts delivery service and evolved into a food cart that, according to Eakin, sold to bar hoppers.

"Two years ago Cops & Donuts wasn't in Mount Pleasant. We saw this as an opportunity though it took a bit to on campus," Croad said.

Croad is a fifth year student at CMU working as an undergraduate in psychology and entrepreneurship while also working toward a masters in entrepreneurship. Eakin is junior at CMU working toward a an entrepreneurship major and a political science minor.

"Sometimes it is difficult to balance everything. I try to always take care of myself, and not let things get too overwhelming," Eakin said.

As Croad's partner, Eakin is involved in every aspect of the business though specifically Eakin created the website, some promotional videos and organized some of the catering events.

"I joined Ignite Donuts last January when the company was restructuring and pivoting from primarily a food cart company, to a donuts wholesaler," Eakin said. "I’ve learned so much about entrepreneurship from Ignite Donuts, and I feel blessed that I’ve had a chance to be a part of the business."

The business was entered in CMU's New Venture Competition where there were able to win seed funding. Ignite Donuts was also able to partner with Middle Michigan Development Corporation.

One of Croad and Eakin's big selling items is the donuts kit which includes six warm and a side of glaze. The packaging for this kit is also environmentally friendly.

"We'll be selling our product in The Market on the east side of the CMU campus though we are still trying to expand," Croad said."We hope to be able to sell at other campuses like Grand Valley University, Michigan State University as well as other schools in the state."

Ignite Donuts has been participating in Food Truck Fridays and operate their carts at any event they get invited to. The business has also done some graduation parties and have plans to cater to a wedding in the spring of next year.