October 23, 2019

X-Ability came into the spotlight when nine-year old Zoey Harrison realized she had a problem. Zoey, who uses a motorized wheelchair to get around, would waste most of her recess time trying to put on her winter coat. Her mom, Jennifer Harrison, knew she needed a better solution, so she grabbed her sewing machine and got to work.

Harrison created a special bodycoat for her daughter that was easy for Zoey to get on and off. She then shared a video on Facebook with Zoey’s paraprofessional to show how to use the coat. Overnight, the clip went viral, gathering over ten million views. After receiving worldwide news coverage and multiple requests for the bodycoat, Harrison and her husband turned the simple solution into a business. That was one short year ago and now the company is going strong.

Within the first month of business, Harrison realized that if they wanted to keep up with the hundreds of orders, they were going to need help. She reached out to a local manufacturer to produce the coats and was also referred to CMURC for business assistance.

“This company was in the perfect stage to engage with CMURC” said President + CEO Erin Strang. “They already identified that there was a demand for their product, they had developed a proof-of-concept and just needed help to move it to the next phase.”

After being connected to CMURC, Harrison made the determination to hire a marketing team. Due to focused marketing and a new website, business began to skyrocket, so Harrison and her husband left their jobs to work full time on X Ability and hired a part-time employee. The local manufacturer also hired an additional staff of four whose time is dedicated to making X Ability bodycoats. Now working like a well-oiled machine, Harrison has more time to focus on the company’s main mission: helping people.

“Our biggest personal brag through this past year is approximately 90% of our customers have sent us pictures of their loved ones using our product,” said Harrison. “It never gets old seeing them, and it motivates us to help more people.”

The company exceeded its sales and revenue goals after the first four months of its website launch. In April 2019, two new styles of bodycoats were added to the lineup, a fleece for Fall and a raincoat for Spring.

X Ability is fully-stocked and ready for the upcoming holiday season, offering 25% for all current Fall purchases! To learn more about X Ability, go to https://xabilitystore.com/.