May 1, 2019


Just in time for Spring, X-Ability adds two new products to their brand to compliment their wildly successful Bodycoat launched last year. New lighter-weight versions of the Bodycoat, designed for warmer temps and rainy days, are now available for purchase at xabilitystore.com.

These latest designs — serve as mid-weight layers, perfect for cool spring mornings or as an indoor body wrap to help maintain body temperature. Featuring access points for wheelchair harnesses, both the Rain Bodycoat and the Fleece Bodycoat are made from high-quality fabric with lots of stretch. Both styles come in multiple designs and colors for kids and adults and can be worn together for warmth and water-resistence.

Jennifer Harrison, company founder and mom who created the Bodycoat as a solution to keep her daughter Zoey warm, is excited about the design’s fashionable flexibility.

“The quality of the material really stands up to the demands of the special needs market. I especially like that it’s adaptable for wearing casually at home or as protection from chilly weather while outdoors,” she said.

Harrison is equally excited to share news of their partnership with Lori’s Voice, a local non-profit focused on providing financial assistance to children with disabilities.

“Both of our companies have the same dream; to ensure people with disabilities have access to resources critical to good health. Together we will provide a bridge to one of the simple issues to solve — keeping a steady body temperature under any environmental condition.”

Lori’s Voice evolved from Lori Hastings’ great love for children and understanding of many of the unique challenges young people face when living with a disability. Living with a disability herself, Lori recognized the medical needs not covered by insurance and created a way to address them.

X-Abililty and Lori’s Voice partnered together to provide grants to children who lack the means to purchase their own Bodycoat. Candidates can apply for assistance at xabilitystore.com/loris-voice.

Dave Hastings, Lori’s husband and board member is enthusiastic about expanding the impact of Lori’s Voice support. “We are delighted to partner with X-Ability to build our reach to kids in need. Many disabled children are unable to afford their own Bodycoat and we’re looking forward to removing that financial barrier for them,” he stated.

Lori’s Voice provides funding for equipment, educational resources or expenses related to medical treatment for individuals up to the age of 18, who have neurological, muscular or other degenerative conditions resulting in permanent impairment or mobility issues. Lori’s Voice hopes to inspire minds and encourage hearts — one child at a time. More information about Lori’s Voice can be found at lorisvoice.org.

X-Ability’s stylish wheelchair Bodycoat has one simple goal: Helping you look good — and stay comfortable, warm, and dry — so you can experience all of life’s simple joys without limitations.